The UTOPIA Difference

UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency) is not an Internet service provider. UTOPIA operates on an open access model, which means we own and manage the infrastructure, but lease the lines to private Internet Service Providers, who then deliver services to subscribers. This allows you to choose the provider that best meets your needs.

UTOPIA represents the future of Internet. Information is carried through the fiber optic lines at the speed of light. Literally. It’s transmitted to each home or business on a dedicated line, which eliminates the slowdown caused by shared connections.

How it Works

UTOPIA is a fiber optic infrastructure that utilizes light to transfer information, making it the fastest communication technology on the planet. Most current networks operate on copper wire infrastructure that limits the speed and amount of information that can be transferred. But with UTOPIA you can reach speeds 200 times faster than your current connection.


UTOPIA also allows you to choose your own service providers so your options are not limited to just one provider. The connection to your home is also yours alone, meaning that when using UTOPIA’s infrastructure, you never lose speed through a shared connection with other homes or businesses. UTOPIA is the next step in communication technology.

Not only does UTOPIA deliver at blistering speeds, but our network is also built for extremely high volume. UTOPIA can provide a minimum of at least 10Mbps connection to every home and up to 10Gbps connection to businesses. These connection speeds are base speeds that can increase according to individual needs.

What does it mean to me?

Aside from the benefits of the fastest speed on earth and sharpest image quality, UTOPIA brings a number of added benefits into your home and life. Everything from increased interaction with friends and family to increased property value.

The Benefits

  • The fastest internet connection on the planet
  • Freedom to choose your own provider
  • No loss of speed through shared lines
  • Same light speed meaning parallel download and upload speeds!
  • Competitive pricing and services
  • Won’t become obsolete

What the future holds?

UTOPIA is structured to integrate new technology as it is developed in the future, minimizing the risk of obsolescence and allowing for increased capabilities. UTOPIA is also compatible with wireless connections where necessary or requested. UTOPIA also makes new technologies more feasible through high-speed connections.

New and Upcoming Technologies

  • Distance education
  • Real time video conferencing
  • Telecommuting
  • Interactive gaming
  • Remote data storage and retrieval
  • Whole home automation
  • Security