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XMission is one of the oldest and most experienced Internet companies in the United States, and Utah’s leading independent Internet provider. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, XMission provides broadband Internet connectivity, email hosting, digital phone services, web hosting, and server colocation.

XMission has provided service on the UTOPIA Community MetroNet™ since 2005. Because of our large, diverse carrier network (30+ Gigabits), and extensive experience as an Internet provider, XMission gives UTOPIA customers exactly what they pay for: incredible speeds and smart, responsive customer service. We encourage you to research more about XMission’s reputation at

In 2007, XMission became the first Internet service provider in Utah to upgrade to 100% renewable energy by purchasing enough Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to offset our entire carbon footprint.

XMission also proudly supports hundreds of Utah’s nonprofit organizations by providing free web hosting services, in-kind donations, and sponsoring community-based events and facilities, including the Utah Arts Festival, Living Traditions Festival, and the Twilight Concert Series.

For additional information, please visit us at XMission can be reached by email at or by toll-free phone at 877.964.7746.

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Address: 51 East 400 South – Suite 200 – Salt Lake City, UT 84111


  • Main: 877.964.7746
  • Technical: 877.964.7746 x4
  • Billing: 877.967.7749 x3
  • Sales: 877.964.7746 x2


  • Main:
  • Technical:
  • Billing:
  • Sales:

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If your not here... You probably don't know great customer service.

Apr 18, 2014 by Casey

For all of the years I have dealt with ComCRAP or CentryDUMP/QwestSUCKS.... I really didn't know that an ISP could be so good at customer service and connection reliability. They are very transparent, they don't give you mundane, generic answers to more educated questions. Very good service! Killer pricing as well! THANKS!!!

Great service

Mar 04, 2014 by Damon Loll

I had Xmission with my dsl service and as soon as utopia came to Brigham City I signed on and have been very happy ever since. I have had no down time that I have been aware of other than my or router that gave me issues,I have called xmission on few occasions with questions or changes on my email accounts and have had my question or changes answer quickly and professionally by a real person. Great Service

Great service but still not IPV6 ready

Mar 03, 2014 by Rich

UTOPIA DHCP - UTOPIA DHCP clients are not IPV6 capable

XMission\'s Utopia service has been very reliable and speeds are great! Just wish they would be more motivated to upgrade to IPV6. Even Comcast is now IPV6 cabable come on already XMission!

You can expect the very best from Xmission

Mar 03, 2014 by Brian M

I have been an Xmission UTOPIA customer for over a year now. I have experience no unscheduled outages, the speeds are as advertised, and the customer support team is extremely polite and helpful. Pete & Co. run an excellent ISP that not only provides excellent service, reliably, they are an excellent community member.

Best ISP in Utah.

Mar 01, 2014 by Jeffrey E

This company has been absolutely outstanding for nearly 20 years for me. I've been with XMission since 1995. First using dial up, then DSL, then now with UTOPIA fiber delivering unflinching 95 Mbps speeds in my FttH rig for easily half to price of Comcast.


Mar 01, 2014 by Brian

Xmission provides a very fast and reliable service for a great value, far superior to any other ISP I’ve experienced. They are refreshingly transparent about network maintenance or any type of network issues. I’m impressed with their stance on privacy, even under legal duress they will do everything in their power to protect you.


Mar 01, 2014 by Eric Eide

XMission is an outstanding ISP! When UTOPIA became available in my neighborhood, I never considered any other service provider. Their service is fast and very reliable. Their customer support, both technical and billing, is excellent. It is easy to get in touch with a person who actually understands your concerns and can help you. XMission is also active in the community, supporting nonprofits, sponsoring community events, supporting renewable energy, and advocating for consumers' interests and citizens' rights. Whether you are an "average Internet user" or a computer professional like me, I strongly recommend that you choose XMission as your UTOPIA ISP.

XMission is the #1 Utopia Provider!

Mar 01, 2014 by D Russ

XMission delivers a high-quality product with real customer service and customer touch.

I was previously with two other Utopia providers and XMission is leagues ahead of any others.

I highly recommend you get your service from XMission! Go XMission :-)

UTOPIA Service

Feb 28, 2014 by Bob B

My Utopia service has been outstanding. I Have been a long time customer of Xmission and their support staff is outstanding. My connection is rock solid with speeds between 90 - 100 Mbits. I maintain several web sites so have relied on support staff on issues with the sites. Always pleasant and willing to resolve any issue. My son and me both stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc and always have HD quality with no buffering. I have had to help several friends who are on Comcast. (45 minute hold time for customer service?) Sure glad I don't deal with them.


Feb 28, 2014 by Andrew McKay

Great company that really works to make things happen. Got upgraded to gigabit nice and fast. Been a customer for years and couldn't be happier. Thanks to a great support team; you guys rock!

UTOPIA , USA 4.9 5.0 22 22 For all of the years I have dealt with ComCRAP or CentryDUMP/QwestSUCKS.... I really didn't know that an ISP could be so good at customer service and connection reliability. They a