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Perry City is a progressive, growing community, poised for industrial and commercial development at the crossroads of Box Elder County.  Located in Northern Utah, it is a growing community with a population of 4,512, surrounded by such major cities as Ogden (20 miles to the south), Logan (25 miles to the east), Tremonton (20 miles to the north), and Brigham City (4 miles to the north), Perry has the unique opportunity of benefiting from the large city features and amenities, while maintaining its small-town, traditional values.
A Union Pacific Railroad runs through the entire length of the city and borders an undevloped, industrial manufacturing zone where there are large areas of undeveloped land available.  Interstate 15 paralells the railroad on the west boundary of the city.   A major intersection for all of Northern Utah is located on the north boundary of the city; connecting I-15 to Yellowstone, Wyoming.  State Highway 89 also runs the entire length of the city and is zoned for commercial business on both sides.  Approximately 11,000 vehicles use Highway 89 and 30,000 use I-15 each day.  Such traffic greatly enhances the economic stability of this prized town.
With ATK, Hill Air Force Base, and Proctor & Gamble – all within 25 miles of the city – Perry is supported with a strong technological foundation.  Autoliv (the largest manufacturer in Utah) is also located near Perry, in Brigham City, just 4 miles away.  Utah is a “Right-toWork” state with a low tax base.  Along side this technological base is an agricultural strength that adds greatly to the city’s – as well as the county’s – economic status.  Perry City is well known for the fruit (peaches, cherries, pears, apples, apricots, etc.) and row crops (melons, corn, beans, etc.) grown in the community.  It is quite common to see many fruit stands, large and small, drawing incredible amounts of traffic on a daily basis throughout their respective seasons.
Perry City has a variety of residential living, condominiums, subdivisions, farm houses, and elegant single-family dwellings within the city’s boundaries.  In addition to great residential offerings the city offers an Elementary school, with Middle, Junior and High schools nearby, and a Charter School, which plans to be open Fall 2012.  There are 3 universities within close proximity to Perry, which offer the best quality of higher education offered in the West.  Utah State University in Logan, Utah State University Annex in Brigham City, and Weber State University in Ogden, are all well-known for their outstanding degree programs.  If traveling a little ways it is not an inconvenience, just beyond Box Elder County lies three other major institutions also known for their top-quality programs.  These include: University in Provo, and Utah Valley University in Orem.  It’s no wonder with these prime choices of educational institutions that Utah ranks in the top ten nationally in education-related statistics.
With religion a great factor in the main frame of Utah, Perry City is no exception.  The area has many churches of varying denominations.  Along with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) stands many strong congregations that help in building such traditional values as mentioned before.  The bottom line is family.  a family centered and family oriented atmosphere is greatly enhanced by the religious beliefs and practices of the city’s residents.
Business, technology, education and religion are not the only features Perry has to offer.  Recreational activity, cultural arts, and entertainment are in grand abundance in this small-town, technological giant of the city.  Each year a wonderful July 4th celebration is held that lasts several days.  Activities include ball tournaments, parade, a pancake breakfast, 5k run, live entertainment, dancing, games, and much, much more.  A rural atmosphere and community oriented focus are evident throughout the entire celebration.  Perry offers to its residents and visitors a stable, family-centered community set deep in traditional values.  Perry boasts of Maddox Ranch House, a nationally famous restaurant, the Heritage Theater, a live playhouse, and an excellent KOA Campground.  Along with these features are five major parks located throughout the city; one of which is a nature park.  The Wasatch Mountains just off to the east, in addition to hillside orchards and the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge, offer a stunning setting during any season.  Topping it all off is the Golden Spike National Monument nearby at Promontory Point.
Recreational highlights could not be complete in Utah without including the ski report.  The area is a skier’s paradise with the “Greatest Snow on Earth” as there are several ski resorts aligning the mountains, all within a 30-mile drive.  Of course, the popularity of water skiing is no exception when it comes to the great entertainment and activities available.  Willard Bay State park, a 20,000 acre fresh water recreation area, is located just 4 miles to the south and offers just about any type of water sport you could imagine.  There are also many summer recreational areas including camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and more.
Although nestled in a hub of activity, Perry offers a peaceful, secure and beautiful setting with clean air and 4 distinct seasons.  Nothing beats the beautiful majestic mountains covered in a blanket of white during the winters and green in the spring and summer.  Of course, fall is perhaps the most breathtaking as the golden, yellow, orange, and red leaves accentuate the natural beauty of the season.
Perry City is a great community…ready and willing to live, work and play with you!