The City of Orem is a dynamic full-service community that is home to nearly 90,000 residents and over 4,000 businesses.  Local residents and visitors alike appreciate Orem’s safe neighborhoods, outstanding park system, nationally-acclaimed Library, superior-quality drinking water, recreation programs, and many other amenities.

Orem has long been known as a great community for growing families, and it is also a place that is full of opportunity for students who wish to grow their education.  In addition to the 23 public schools serving elementary through high school students, Orem is proud to be the home of Utah Valley University which now has an enrollment of nearly 33,000 students, making it the largest state educational institution in Utah.  Technology continues to play a key role in our educational environment, supporting activities such as distance learning and research-based development.

Orem’s business community has a long tradition of leading the nation in high-tech enterprises.  Local firms appreciate the infrastructure that Orem offers, including UTOPIA.  With an eye on both current needs and the future, decision makers are looking for both Internet capacity and speed.  UTOPIA has become an important part of choosing a location in both businesses and residential decisions.  Many Orem residents recognize the tremendous benefit of fiber optics and are anxious to have access to UTOPIA in their neighborhoods.

Like other progressive cities, Orem is concerned about meeting the needs of our citizens, businesses, educational institutions, and medical facilities.  We value superior infrastructure and high-quality services for our community.


Contact Information:

56 North State Street

Orem, UT 84057

Phone: 801.229.7000

Fax: 801.229.7031