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Incorporated in 1920, Layton City is a leader in commercial, business, and residential growth.   Its close proximity to Hill Air Force Base has attracted nearly 70,000 citizens, making Layton the most populous city in Davis County and 9th largest in the State.  Layton is a regional shopping and business center with numerous businesses including the Layton Hills Mall.

Layton City is committed to cutting-edge technology.  UTOPIA’s innovation and expansion in Layton will keep the city in the forefront of business expansion and development.   In 2010, Janicki Industries, a composites firm, broke ground as the lead tenant with a 100,000 square foot facility in Layton’s 630 acre East Gate Business Park.  Janicki linked into UTOPIA and has since benefited substantially.  The product that UTOPIA provides is the perfect example of what future development will need to stay competitive internationally.

With the ongoing rapid expansion of voice, video, and data services, there is a growing need for high-speed telecommunication.  Layton City is committed to bringing UTOPIA fiber optic cable to residents and businesses alike; assuring that 20th century technology infrastructure receives a 21st century upgrade.  From Layton City’s perspective, “fiber is the future.”


Contact Information:

437 North Wasatch Drive

Layton, UT 84041