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Connect at the speed of light.

UTOPIA is a fiber optic network that uses light to transmit data. When we talk about the speed of light, we’re not kidding. Fiber optics deliver speeds up to 200 times faster than what you have right now because it isn’t crippled by the limitations of copper wiring, like interference or slowdowns caused by shared lines.

Your own dedicated line.

With UTOPIA, you’ll have a dedicated line coming directly into your residence. This line is yours and yours alone. With this connection, enjoy blazing upload and download speeds and more clarity and reliability, even if your neighbors are streaming movies, playing online games, or Skyping. UTOPIA simply helps you connect to the world in ways you have never experienced before.

Choose your provider. Choose your services.

UTOPIA’s network is open access, which means we build and maintain the infrastructure (like the line coming into your home); private Internet Service Providers use it to deliver their services to you. This gives you the flexibility to choose the provider that best meets your needs. Many of them offer TV and phone, so you can add those services and save even more.

The most powerful way to connect. Today and tomorrow.

Think about how much entertainment, communication, education, home automation and cloud computing is happening over the Internet today. And it’s only going to increase as we add more telecommuting, telemedicine, smart grid technology, and other emerging technologies. When you also consider the spread of connected devices and the bandwidth they require, having access to vast amounts of capacity is going to be critical. Having UTOPIA is like future-proofing your network, with benefits you can enjoy today.

The future is now, so why wait? Choose your plan and sign up now for blazing fast Internet.

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